Aquamarine and Iolite Fish Earrings


Aquamarine and Iolite Flower Earrings


Aquamarine and Iolite Pendant Bracelet


Aquamarine Fish Earrings with Apatite Tassels


Braided Gold and Diamond Necklace


Gold Elephant Hair Bracelet with Multicolor Tourmaline


Green Tourmaline Cuff


Green Tourmaline Shoulder Duster Earrings


Lapiz Lazuli and Diamond Inset Ring


Lolite and Pink Tourmaline Teardrop Earing


Malachite and Diamond Necklace


Milky Aquamarine and Gold Filigree Ring


Multicolor Spinel in Carved Rock Crystal Pendant Necklace


Multicolor Tourmaline Branch Bracelet


Multicolor Tourmaline Cuff


Multicolor Tourmaline Earrings